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Seneca Gateway

In Memory of Lawson Hamilton

The land for Seneca Gateway was  obtained in 1998 to secure a key gateway into the Historic District.  130 members of The Lewisburg Foundation contributed $300 each to purchase the parcel of land.

In 2011 a 38' Red Oak Flag Pole and Memorial Stone were placed in Seneca Gateway to remember Lawson Hamilton, a great friend of Lewisburg.  The pole was hand made in upstate New York on top of which flies a 10' American Flag.

Lawson Hamilton was a generous friend to the City of Lewisburg who supported countless projects in the region.  If he was on your team you knew it could be done!  The Lewisburg Foundation and many others benefited not only from his support but his encouragement.  The Memorial Stone records the first verse of "What a Wonderful World."

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