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Postmans' Pants

What started as a lighthearted conversation nearly 20 years ago between TAG Galyean and Lewisburg Postman Bernie has become an annual tradition and charitable fundraiser.  Each winter members of the Lewisburg US Postal Office compete to see who can last the longest during the winter months wearing shorts on a daily basis.  Donations from residents and businesses downtown are collected with the proceeds split between The Lewisburg Foundation and the charity of the winner's choice.

For most of that time Bernie has been the undisputed champion of Postmans' Pants, but in recent years Nathan has stepped forward as a formidable contender.  Both he and Bernie have survived the entire winter and tied, splitting the donation between their respective charities.  They have challenged the White Sulphur Springs Post Office to join, but have yet to have any takers!

To support this fun initiative you can submit a donation to The Lewisburg Foundation, with Postmans' Pants in the notes, or by giving a donation to your local Postman!

Postmens Pants.jpeg
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