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Campbell Corner

In Memory of William C. Campbell

Campbell Corner was created in 2017 to remember William C. "Bill" Campbell, one of the foremost amateur golfers to every live and longtime resident of Lewisburg.  It's creation was made possibly through the support of Bill's friends in Scotland, New York, Florida and West Virginia.

An eagle sculpture, created by David Nelson, is symbolic of Bill's quote "if I come back I'd like to be an eagle."  The corner also contains a plaque telling the story of his incredible life, penned by Gary Galeyan.  Both are framed by stonework created by Joe Kaminski.

A member of the World Golf Hall of Fame Bill's influence on the game of golf was far reaching.  As a player Bill was a 15-time WV Amateur Champion, an 8-time Walker Cup Member and winner of the 1964 United States Amateur.  As an executive Bill served as the President of the USGA in 1982 & 1983 and as the Captain of the R&A in 1987.  He is the only person in the history of golf to have led both governing bodies.

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