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The Lewisburg


To support the economic viability of downtown Lewisburg, WV by creating and maintaining beautification and cultural opportunities which attract and welcome businesses and visitors to our town.

 A Nonprofit Organization

EIN #55-0586192

A Brief History

Embracing & Enhancing Downtown Lewisburg

In 1980, The Lewisburg Foundation was formed to determine the future of Lewisburg's downtown area.  With the expansions of I-64 the once bustling downtown of pharmacies, grocers, hardware stores and more would inevitably change as retail developed adjacent to the Interstate.  We collaborated with municipal government and the merchants association to identify and implement a strategy to keep downtown vibrant.

40 years later we operate as a beautification organization focused on creating and maintaining a stunning environment that protects and enhances the unique qualities of our historic town.  The Lewisburg Foundation is dedicated to supporting regional tourism by preservation of downtown gardens and entrances to the historic district.  Visitors to Lewisburg will find a beautiful and charming downtown, enhanced by it's unique history and artistic community life.

Today, we maintain gardens in downtown Lewisburg and parks in the north, south, east and west gateways to the historic district.  The Foundation operates on a modest annual budget which includes mowing, fertilization, watering, pruning, replacing, mulching, weeding and planting of trees, shrubs, turf and perennials, as well as beds of annual flowers each spring and fall.  We are a nonprofit organization funded by gifts from members, friends of Lewisburg and private foundations.  Capital Projects, which vary from year to year, are funded by special gifts or grants.  Gifts can be made to the Foundation for individual naming opportunities and honorary gifts, such as the planting of trees or flowers and the placement of benches.

We invite you to be part of our effort!


Signature Projects


Seneca Gateway


In memory of

Lawson Hamilton

Academy Park.jpg

Academy Corner

An entrance

Academy Park

Bill Campbell Eagle.jpg

Campbell Corner

In memory of

William C. Campbell

Post Office.jpg

Post Office

A colorful


Center Green.jpg

 Center Green


A downtown

gathering place

Downtown Flowers.jpg

Full Project List

More than 20

unique projects



"The Lewisburg Foundation is truly the foundation of our beautiful downtown.  Thank you Lewisburg Foundation for all you do!"

Shannon Beatty

"Thank you for making our town


Donna Toney

"If you are not a member, consider joining The Lewisburg Foundation.  It's mission is to help drive tourism and economic growth in our town..."

Roger Holliday


How to Support


Become a member and help support the annual

maintenance program.

Flowers Forever

Our endowment fund ensuring a beautiful Lewisburg for generations to come.

Capital Projects

Support the creation of new projects to enhance areas and honor loved ones.

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The Lewisburg Foundation

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